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EasyUI CMS: GOSS.RU - Content ru

Some tips...

- Save all changes to the nav menu. It must be done after the completion works of the site.

New page - attention! alias a page must be unique and written in Latin..

Edit - here you can change the properties of the page. At first you need to select a page by a click, and then press the button 'Edit'. After creation of page of it's alias can not be changed.

Make a Sector - at first you need to select a page click, then click this button to create a page in this section and go there by clicking on the in column Sector.

- you can edit content and meta-data of pages by click to this element.

Status - page can be removed from the navigation temporarily.

Sort - sorting pages in the site menu. Less the number - than page will up. Title page should be at the top (0 or 1) and have an alias main.

Sorting - pages in the table can be sorted by by clicking on the name of menu and Sort.

Page name in navy Page name in <title> Alias Sector Edit Status Sort