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Some tips...

The new user is given the status of editor, he can edit, create and delete pages according to assigned rules, as well as upload files to the folder DOCS.

The rules consists list of pages and sections of the first level of the site. Admin can choose one, two or all the pages or sections for each user.

If you select all pages it allows the user to edit everything, including the home page, as well as create and delete pages and sections of the first level. In the rules field will then be shown a sign *.

When you create a new user or edit it's data to the contact e-mail will be notified with a new password for this user. Afterward you can notify user by yourself.

Important: when editing, as well as for creating a user, a new password will be created every time. Old password can be restored of course, but IMHO passwords, as well as socks, better to change more often...

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